Asmodiel is a tyrant, ruling over the nine hells with an iron fist. His origins are different to all who ask, but the truth is even less believable than the lies he tells those power-hungry enough to follow him. He is the god of tyranny, of lies, and he is patron of all who pursue power no matter the cost. Asmodiel often strikes bargains with mortals, promising much, but binding them forever to his service with his terms and conditions. His domain is the pit of the nine hells, and his palace is a lavish one, filled with slaves taken in by the promise of power. He hates altruism, and takes joy from seeing his followers cast away friends and family in the pursuit of power.

The Pact of Turath

Two thousand years ago, Asmodiel granted a boon to the people of Bael Turath, giving them his allegiance and the magics of the Nine Hells seemingly for free, asking only the sacrifice of every slave in the empire. Ignoring the advice of their more level-headed peers, the nobility of Bael Turath gladly entered into this pact and were physically transformed, with horns, tails, and red skin. The nobility of Turath became the Tieflings, and with their newfound power, conquered greater swathes of territory throughout Drenia. This power came at a great price, and the sadistic whims of their erstwhile benefactor were satisfied when the Turathi empire was brought down by corruption, rebellion, and invasion. The transformed nobility were hunted down, driven from their homeland, and hounded for a time by the vengeful shades of the slaves they sacrificed in their dark ritual.


Asmodiel is a Lawful Evil deity and his favored weapon is the dagger.

D&D 4e

Asmodiel’s domains are Tyranny, Civilization, and Trickery. He is equivalent to Asmodeus (big surprise) for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Asmodiel’s domains and subdomains are Evil (Corruption, Devil), Law (Slavery, Tyranny), Nobility (Aristocracy), and Trickery (Greed).


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