Gorodh was once a powerful Orc chieftain who brought all of Drenia under the hooves of his horses and the fear of his riders. After his death, his people began to revere him as a god among the primal spirits, and so his spirit was raised into the pantheon of the Orcs. He is the god of slaughter, of conquest, and of subjugation. While all Orcs acknowledge him as their spiritual father, the few who truly worship him are known for rising to the top through brutality and terror, and are a serious threat to the lands surrounding the Rhaenar plains. He takes the form of a powerful orc chieftain, riding atop a massive warg, wielding a shortbow, with lances on his back and a curved sword at his hip, the traditional weapons of his people.


Gorodh is a Chaotic Evil deity. His favored weapon is the waraxe and any weapon with “Orc” in the name.

D&D 4e

Gorodh’s domains are War, Skill, and Destruction. He is equivalent to Gruumsh for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Gorodh’s domains are Destruction (Catastrophe, Rage), Evil (Fear), Strength (Resolve), and War (Blood).


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