Imloten is the god forests and the hunt, and patron of the wood elves. He fiercely protects his lands and chosen people from outsiders and hates those who would profit from the destruction of the world’s wilderness. He takes the form of an antlered male elf, though he can shift into a spectral white wolf when he chooses. His domain is a wild, primeval forest, punctuated by roaring streams and soaring cliffs, and he keeps no divine palace, as the forests of the world are his home. Pixies, dryads, and other sylan beings also revere Imloten as their creator, for when the Creator sang the forests into being, Imloten sang harmonies that gave life to the trees and flowers, bringing the children of the forests into the world. He tasked the children of the wilds with their protection, a charge they have kept to this day.


D&D 4e

Imloten’s domains are Wilderness, Skill, and Freedom. He is considered equivalent to Mielikki (Forgotten Realms) and Melora (Core) for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Imloten’s domains and subdomains are Animal (Feather, Fur), Plant (Growth), Strength (Ferocity), and Trickery (Ambush). His favored weapon is the longbow.


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