The goddess of rain and winter, Indireth is one of the four sisters who oversee the seasons. She brings the winds from the seas across the land, makes rains to fall in summer, and snow and ice to take over the world in the winter. Her domain is a vast plain of ice and snow, with icebergs flowing through the waters around the massive ice floe on which her palace is built. It is a harsh place, where only the strong and well-prepared survive. If one is fortunate enough to survive the journey to her palace of ice, however, they will not find a cold and cruel reception. Indireth rewards the strong, those who dare to endure the storm, with great gifts. Travelers pray to her for mercy in winter storms, and occasionally she grants it. More often than not, though, she prefers to test mortals rather than spare them.


D&D 4e

Indireth’s domains are Storm, Sea, and Winter. She is considered equivalent to the Raven Queen (Core) and Melora (Core) for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths. She is only equivalent to the Raven Queen in that they share the aspect of winter goddess. The equivalency to the Raven Queen does not apply to character options related to the Raven Queen’s aspect of the goddess of death.


Indireth’s domains and subdomains are Air (Cloud, Wind), Water (Flotsam, Ocean), and Weather (Storms). Her favored weapon is the shortsword.


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