Kharneth is the embodiment of hatred. Trapped in a prison deep within the nine hells, Kharneth rages against his chains, the shock of his thrashing occasionally carrying across the rifts between planes. He was imprisoned at the bottom of the nine hells for a crime known only to him and the Creator, and he has never stopped raging. His thirst for revenge has only grown stronger through the years, and his hatred has spilled over into every corner of every plane. His followers rarely band together for more than a very short period, and if he ever had any temples, they were burned down by his own devotees long ago. They spread senseless destruction throughout the world, shedding blood for the sake of seeing it flow, regardless of where it comes from.


Kharneth is a Chaotic Evil deity. His favored weapon is the Greataxe.

D&D 4e

Kharneth’s domains are Destruction, Strife, and Vengeance.


Kharneth’s domains are Chaos (Demon), Death (Murder), Destruction (Rage), Strength (Ferocity), and War (Blood).


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