Malcaor is the lord of liches and the undead, and the god of secrets and ambition. He was the first to demand his apotheosis by force, and set the precedent that a mortal of sufficient power could ascend to godhood. He began as a mortal wizard and grew to be the most powerful magical mortal on the planes, eventually cornering Zelat in his own domain and giving him a choice: grant Malcaor the powers of a god, or be annihilated. Zelat gave in to Malcaor’s demands, but wove a powerful curse into the spells that granted Malcaor godhood: at the penultimate step of the rituals of apotheosis, Malcaor would die. Upon realizing Zelat’s treachery, Malcaor wove a powerful enchantment that bound his remaining life force into seven phylacteries, leaving his body a withered husk, but his soul safely protected from his curse. His form is that of an ancient archlich, his domain a series of ancient mausoleums, dotting a vast and perpetually shrouded swamp.


Malcaor is a Neutral Evil deity. His favored weapon is the Khopesh.

D&D 4e

Malcaor’s domains are Undead, Secrets, and Ambition. He is considered equivalent to Vecna (Core), Orcus (Core), and Nerull (Forgotten Realms) for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Malcaor’s domains and subdomains are Death (Undead), Evil (Plague), Magic (Arcane), and Knowledge (Thought).


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