Mirodre is the goddess of spiders and darkness, living in the vast caverns beneath the astral plane. She is a master deceiver, viewing all mortals foolish enough to enter the Underdark beneath the world as her prey. It is entirely fitting that she chose the conniving Drow as her own. She enjoys watching their struggles for power and position within their society, and her priestesses often only take vows of fealty to her for the sake of the prestige it brings, which suits Mirodre perfectly fine. She takes the form of a drow matron with the lower body and legs of a spider. She favors spiders as the pinnacle of predation, setting traps for lesser beings to walk into of their own accord, watching them struggle as the spider’s venom does its work, and encasing them in its silk.


Mirodre is a Lawful Evil deity and her favored weapon is the hand crossbow. Few besides the Drow worship her.

D&D 4e

Mirodre’s domains are Darkness, Poison, and Torment. She is equivalent to Lolth for purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.
h3. Pathfinder

Mirodre’s domains and subdomains are Charm (Lust), Darkness (Night), Evil (Fear), Law (Slavery), and Trickery (Espionage).


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