Every true assassin in the world knows of Nerwenye, the Mother of Serpents, the First Venom. She is the patroness of all who kill without compassion or mercy, the knives in the dark, the arrows from behind. Her form is not known, and she keeps no domain. Nerwenye was the first serpent, and in her bite was the world’s first poison. She left that body behind long ago, and all who have seen her true form are dead, mortal or not. Her followers keep secretive temples hidden in back alleys, waiting for her instruction. She speaks to her followers through venom-induced hallucinations, giving her prophet visions of a target and the circumstances of their death. Few have survived Nerwenye’s assassins, fewer still have taken one down.


Nerwenye is a Neutral Evil deity and her favored weapons are the dagger and garotte.

D&D 4e

Nerwenye’s domains are Poison, Skill, and Darkness. She is equivalent to Zehir (Forgotten Realms) for the purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Nerwenye’s domains are Death (Murder), Evil (Plague), Scalykind (Venom), and Trickery (Ambush).


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