Vhaelan was once a mortal man who wished to see all that could be seen, an adventurer in the truest sense. His travels took him far and wide, to planes the likes of which cannot be described with words. He walked within a world carved from a gem of solid thought, saw living planets with eyes the size of mountains, and eventually found a crystal made up of all the knowledge in the universe. Vhaelan looked into that crystal and immediately knew everything, past, present, and future, and was rendered completely and utterly insane. His thoughts are like a virus, infecting those his mind touches with an irrevocable madness. His form shifts constantly, reflecting his terrible hallucinations. His followers and priests are the mad prophets, those who babble cryptic messages incessantly in the gutters of the world. His domain is ever-shifting and utterly nonsensical, a world where the laws of physics are ignored and causality holds no sway.


D&D 4e

Vhaelan’s domains are Madness, Trickery, and Change. He is equivalent to Cyric (Forgotten Realms) for the purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Vhaelan’s domains and subdomains are Chaos (Whimsy), Knowledge (Thought), Luck (Imagination), Madness (Insanity, Nightmare), and Void (Isolation). His favored weapon is any improvised weapon.


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