Zelat is the god of knowledge and magic, and patron to all who study arcane secrets. He was once a powerful wizard from a time long forgotten, who bound himself to the very fabric of magic itself in a ritual that has never been repeated before or since. Since his binding, he has served as the custodian of the mythal weave, keeping magic flowing throughout the universe. He did not bind himself for power, or fame, or profit, but solely to find out what would happen. As such, he is widely revered by scholars, engineers, and all who study the fundamentals of the world, as his life’s work was simply the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.


D&D 4e

Zelat’s domains are Arcana, Knowledge, and Skill. He is considered equivalent to Corellon Larethian (core) and Mystra (Forgotten Realms) for the purposes of divine feats, features, and paragon paths.


Zelat’s domains and subdomains are Knowledge (Thought, Memory), Magic (Arcane), Luck (Fate), and Rune (Wards). His favored weapon is the quarterstaff.


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